The principle founders : Year 1849

Eduard Hauser | Lenzkirch  Corporate Structure

Ignaz Schopperle | Lenzkirch Clocks Founder
Eduard Hauser
(1825 - 1900)

Ignaz Schopperle
(1810 - 1882)
Company formed :

Aktiengesellschaft fur Uhrenfabrikation
in Lenzkirch

Translation :
Stockholder Corporation for Clock Manufacturing in Lenzkirch

Registered August 31, 1851


The associate founders :

The merger: Gebruder Junghans A.G. Uhrenfabrik

Eduard Hauser
Franz Josef Faller
Nikolaus Rogg
Ignaz Schopperle
Nikolaus Tritscheller
Paul Tritscheller
Josef Wiest
Albert Tritscheller
(joined in 1856)

Merged with
Gebruder Junghans A.G.

Merger year 1928

Founded in 1861, Schramberg, Black Forest

Brothers Junghans, Stockholder Corporation Clock Factory

Now: Junghans, since 1956

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